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If you find yourself unable to load a new software image onto your ASA via all standard methods, then you can load a new image from rommon (ROM monitor mode) using TFTP. To enter into rommon:

  1. Connect a console cable to the console port of the ASA
  2. Power cycle or power on the ASA
  3. As the appliance is starting, press the Escape key to enter rommon

To load an image onto your ASA via rommon:

  1. Connect Eth0/0 to your network
  2. Assign IP address config to your ASA:
    rommon #1> ADDRESS=
    rommon #2> SERVER=
    rommon #3> GATEWAY=
    rommon #4> IMAGE=asa911-k8.bin
    rommon #5> PORT=Ethernet0/0
  3. Then issue the tftp command
    rommon #6> tftp
  4. The ASA will then transfer the image and boot from it
  5. After the firewall boots, login and check (show version)

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